Cycling Anyone?

I get so excited if I learn about a venture similar to Trek & Treats: local tour business offering unique tours, with cool overnight stays, local food, local people!  And if there are self-guided options with luggage transfer, my heart beats even faster!  I know how many of you are looking for it, so I’d like to introduce a great cycling tour option in BC’s West Kootenay region to you!

If you don’t know where the West Kootenays are, look for the town of Nelson on your map of British Columbia.  It’s a wonderful region about half-way across southern BC.  If you’re touring, definitely plan a longer stop in that area!  We’re talking mountains, glaciers, forest and farmland (think lots of cycling and hiking); lakes and rivers (think swimming and rafting); very cool old towns with a mix of outdoorsy newcomers and long-time locals (think good food, local history and an earthy atmosphere); and hotsprings.  The region is known for its hotsprings.  Hotsprings are a thing around the Kootenays.  Just in case you wondered.

Now, there are fun circle routes you can drive in a day or two.  But that’s not really all that satisfying; it just leaves you wanting more.  Here’s what I would do:

Check out Kootenay Cycling Adventures for fully supported multi-day and self-supported road cycling tours in the Kootenay Lake region. The “West Koot Loop” is their signature tour offered throughout the summertime. 4 days, 3 nights makes it the perfect length for a short holiday or as part of a longer trip.  You get to stay in Kaslo.  I love Kaslo! I’m so jealous….

They also provide high quality bicycle rentals, shuttle service, and much more.  In short, if cycling is what you are looking for, just call them!  To help with your trip planning, there are travel tips on their website.  Let us know how it goes!


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